Coding is Creative work 

Another reason is that the very word “coding” sounds routine and repetitive, as though there’s some sort of key that developers apply by rote to crack any given problem. via Coding is not “fun,” it’s technically and ethically complex — Quartz

As programmers both junior and seniors, we all know that coding is not routine nor repetitive. It’s actually Creative work and it require lots of thinking space. But “business people” or most friends over at the commercial department, do not think the same. They think it’s something that can be easily achieve. Like adding a feature set is a day or two kind of thing.

We all have a common goal. To help the startup / business to win. But rushing developers with short timeline is not the way to do it. Maybe it’s because in the movies, they made coding seems so easy. With a click of a few buttons, the door is unlock or that alarm is disable.