To who do I account to?

I’m writing this on a bus to work. I have been escaping from social media, not because they are bad but because I’m trying to avoid being accountable.

But accountable to who? I think?

I have started work, I’m no longer working on a startup. Sometimes I feel this is like an embrassment. People who know me asked, hey what happened? And you have to think of that “short” reason to say because no one would be interested in that short story.

Especially for those who are not in the startup space, they would certainly give me that “see I told you right, it’s not easy, if it was easy everyone would be doing it, why bother”

Hmm I don’t know. Maybe they are right. But I comfort myself by saying myself that I have at least try.

Anyway the point is that, on one hand I tell myself, live my own life but at the same time, I feel strange to share that I’m working for others now. Just because I used to run a startup. Maybe it’s a sense of embarrassment.

I need to step out of this, otherwise it’s hard to move forward.