Frugality builds character

The Art of Manliness: #303: The Philosphy of Frugality

Frugality builds character. It’s openly know that frugality is good and Extravagance is bad. It is also consider a virtue by many philosophers. They encourage living and loving simple.

But is it true? Is extravagance bad?

This podcast talks about it. It’s a very good listen if you are into simple living.

As I listened, I also think about the point that is it because I cannot experience lavish living so I’m embracing Frugality? Meaning to say and I’m talking to you (person reading this)

If today, you have the capability to live lavishly, would you still be embracing frugality?

I’m tried to answer this question and I’m not sure about. I’m certain that I would not be randomly throwing money around but would I be spending it lavishly? I’m not sure. Think about this for a moment? Would you?

Another question that comes to mind, what’s the frugality state that you would go to? The state between too cheap and fragility. I remember that time when I was in Shanghai, it was drizzling. I had the option to take a cab or walk home. So to save that money, I decided to walk home. But during that walk, my camera got wet in the bag and it was spoilt. Was I too cheap because I wanted to save that few dollars?

I was a student at that point of time. Did I do the write thing? I think not. There should be a balance between too cheap and fragility.

Are you able to achieve that balance?