A leader one way or another 

In every team you need the majority of people who excel at their job functions. They are great at their respective fields whether they be marketing, sales, programming, PR, whatever. People running these job functions are also leaders — don’t get me wrong — on each team you still need leaders & followers. You simply can’t have a team of people all pulling in different directions and death by a thousand cuts is having multiple departments all moving in their own direction. via Lead, Follow or Get the Fuck Out of the Way – Both Sides of the Table

I believe that everyone is a leader one way or another. You could be a leader at work, or maybe you are leading the running club that you run weekly in…

But have a good team is upmost important. As a TPM now, I truly appreciate the support of the team. Without good support, it’s like being thrown into a deep river and no one will be there to save you.