First direct city bus ride to work

Testing out a direct bus route to work from home. Starting a new job next week and it’s in the city area. 
Heading to the city from home is about 58mins travel listed on Google Map but I have to change a few times. So I decided to try out those premium bus services / city direct bus services. 

This is the first time, I heading back to work. Work as in working for someone and I’m actually quite looking forward to it. 

Anyway, the two bus services I’m looking to try is either Premium 550 or City Direct 671.

The cost are as follows:
Premium 550 – $3.80 
City Direct 671 – $2.40

So I woke up the same time, did a rehearsal of how I’m going to go to work, like setting up the routine. Left my house at 7:50. Reached the bus stop around 7:55. 

I was actually planning to take 671 but there was a queue forming at the bus stop, it’s those kind of queue that you think, it could be the queue for bus 671. So I thought I blend in, never didi expect that bus 550 to arrived. And I’m in the mid line of the queue so it seems funny that I suddenly drop off. So I made a choice, test out bus 550. The trip. E a little more but let’s see what time I arrived. 

I also need to account for rainy day today. 

Oh one last thing, it’s feels like taking a tour bus. In fact, it’s a tour bus that is fetching us. Lastly, always remember to empty your bladder when boarding long trips like this, you never know you get caught in a jam.

Update: bus arrived at venue at 0845