Why there are more Ofo bikes being thrown around.

However, Ofo has spoken out on the matter, encouraging the public not to lock the Ofo bicycles with their personal locks for the convenience of other users. via More chained and displaced Ofo bikes affirm why we can’t have nice things | Mothership.SG

I think it’s very hard for the public to be more considerate for others. Because humans / people are selfish. 

I really like the idea of these on demand bike sharing services. For example, there a oBike right in front of me as I’m writing this post right now. I’m waiting for Bus 163, the wait is around 15 mins for the bus to arrive. I could have take the oBike and ride home. 

you might be thinking, ya why are you not doing that?

That’s because I’m not prepare for night ride. In fact, I’m thinking if I could bring a helmet and a simple light with me each day, so I can hop on to any of these bike services day or night.

I think the main reason that I read more of Ofo bikes thrown around is because they do not have deposit. Once you signed up, you get coupons for free ride. And like the article said, Singaporeans love free stuff especially when “you do not be to be responsible for it”. Aka no deposit.

It’s also harder to find Ofo bikes, I Guess most of them are being lock up at homes or thrown in the bushes. oBike is easier but that’s because it has a GPS attached to the bike. 

I truly love to give Ofo a try but that’s provided that I can see or find one. I would believe Ofo might implement the deposit scheme soon, if they continue to see such trends for their bikes. 

Help me, help you. You get $3 credits on your first ride, I get it too 🙂

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