Understanding old people

As time past, I start to learn how to take better care of my Mom. I used to think that it’s my fault that she is suffering but that has changed. 
My Aunty who has taken care of old and stroke patient shares with me that this is part of the cycle. We, the caretaker cannot get “stressed” by the complains and the crying of the patient. Once you lose your cool, you will no longer be able to focus. 

You have to understand, that staying in the hospital is hard enough so what they want is attention. The complains and the crying are a way to draw attention. 


Listen to them, hear them out. I do the same for my Mom. Always here, changing my schedule, making sure that She hears me Everyday, even for a short while.

My two cents to “possible people who are reading this”, do not be stress. It is tough to be caregiver but you must focus. The one thing is COMFORT for the patient.