Very challenging 

My Mom is on tube feeding and she has fluid restriction. It is very hard for me to see her in such a state. 

You see, when I visit her, she will keep telling me to bring food to her but each time I will comfort her that tml I will bring. I’m lying knowing that it is not possible because doctor put her on tube. I questioned myself if this is the right thing to do? Should I ignored all doctor advice and go ahead and bring her some comfort food. 

It’s hard already to stay in hospital and now they remove food (something that brings comfort to everyone). it’s like when I’m on the field during the army days, good warm food raised morale. It’s like when you are Travelling out for a long period of time, you missed the hawker food. 

Wtf this is very hard lei. I want to go crazy Liao. I need to breathe. 

I avoiding ops so that she can be spared from knives and pain but these tubes and all, should I avoid too? Her swallowing has issues, comsuming food and drinks normally runs a high risk to choking. Not giving her food, her morale is Super Low. 

How? How do I handle a stroke patient at a early stage?