Working from home

This episode talks about working from home and how to Organise your own space. Especially when you are working from home, how do you void distraction from your child or administrative stuff.

Free Agents: 16: R2-D2 on My Desk

You see, as a freelancer we have “freedom” to work from anyway we want but at the same time knowing that we have “freedom” we cannot abuse it. We also cannot let others abuse it too. 

For example, when I work from home. I set hours that I do not help to perform “home tasks”, like getting the milk / groceries from the supermarket. I can certainly help to open the door or pick up registered mail. So Long it does Not distract me from work. 

The beauty of working from home is that we can schedule our time to do groceries when we want, especially during off peak hours. Nevertheless, the challenge is not to abuse it. 


  1. Set aside time for real work
  2. Let your family members know that the time for real work and what are the times you can help with admin chores.

I believe they will understand you will be more productive at home too:)