Mom, mild stroke

Last week, my mom had mild stroke. I discovered it when she started talking in a sense that I could not understand. During that time she was still watching TV and I was to go for my bath. I rush out and check on her.

At the moment in time, I was unsure if she was having stroke because when I tried to talk to her, she suddenly seems to be alright again. But in a few minutes time, the speech difficult starts coming back. 

I was confused and not sure if I should be calling the ambulance. There are ads on TV that shows that if there are signs of stroke, we should call the amhbukance immediate but one moment she is alright another she is not. 

This is the ad: I think everyone should watch it, it tells you how to spot a stroke patience. 

So I decided to send her to the GP, while making our way to GP, she seems to be doing fine. Ability to talk normally and also say that she does not want to go hospital. (Old people always like to say that they do not like to go hospital). But I also sense her lack of strength in gripping as she holds me hand. 

I thought that everything was alright when I reach the GP, because it was late and she the number two in queue. Upon talking to the GP, the ambulance was called.

I took my first ambulance ride to the hospital. Now at this juncture, it’s hard for me to decide if I have called the ambulance in the first place. Because I understand that A&E is for emergency and only call Ambulance when there is an emergency. But the challenge I have is what is an emergency? An emergency to you might not be an emergency to me, especially when I’m not able to determined the situation. 

So there she was in the A&E, Doctors and Nurses at KPTH, was nice and very understanding. They shared more the conditions and decided to give some tests. 

When the test results was out, she had indeed had a stroke. A mild one, thank God. But I also realised she was getting weaker and less of her normal self. 

She was to stay in hospital for more checks and for her condition to stable. During the week, she also looks better with the good care from hospital and not to mentioned that she made friends with nurses too. 

This is my learning. Do not hesitate to call an ambulance when you deem there is a Stroke happening to someone. Watch out for the following 

  1. Speech difficults
  2. Face dropping 
  3. Lost of strength 

These are the critical signs. If you see these, you call hospital immediately, immediately.