Maybe it’s time 

5:30am and I just called the ambulance. 

Since my mom discharged two days ago, she has gone from bad to worst. When she discharged she was vibrant and alive. We brought to the Food courts and she was enjoying the food. 

Yesterday when I was back from ICT, I realised she was no in a good condition. She started having issues with her swallowing and also becoming weaker. She has issues wearing her pants after going to the toilet. She has no strength to walk, the hands are trembling and the blood pressure is high at 220. 

We thought maybe it is just part of the condition. So she took her usual recommdation and headed for the bed. But she keeps waking up to spit out her phlegm which we realised that there is nothing. 

At 5:30 we decided we had to send her. Her condition was going bad to worst. 

What’s on my mind right now?

  1. Her health

  2. Medical bills