Learning Facebook Ads

2017-03-16 at 8.49 AM.jpg
have been learning so much about Facebook ads

I was never about fan on Facebook Ads, I always think that many of the metrics that Facebook is giving you are “fake” or somehow might have “overstated” kind of effect. So if you are a business owner, when you see those big numbers of views and reach, you will feel good.

I learn on thing, never say never

For the last few months, I have been learning much about Facebook Ads. I still take the metrics that Facebook gives me with a “pitch of salt” but I find that the art of using paid traffic to get customers or an audience is an interesting concept.

I believe a business fails because of many reasons, but one of it is distribution. ie getting your products or services in front of your audiences eyes. Once a business is able to its distribution correct, that is 33% of the battle won. Looking back, many of my ideas failed because of distribution.  I might have a good product but not many people know about so no one buys.

As I learn, paid traffic works with the law of numbers. You target more people and in that group a small percentage gets it from you, you get your sales.

Here’s what I learn from the campaigns that I have ran:

  1. Facebook ads algorithm keeps changing, so there are much to learn everyday. So the articles you read here or elsewhere might be outdated. However, strategies and the tips offered can be used
  2. I ran a few campaigns, I realised that learning Facebook Ads is like playing mahjong. Need to pay school fees, you can see the campaigns, obviously not successful. It could be my objective and it could be my content.
  3. I also need to read more into the metrics so as to give a gauge if I’m doing alright. So I’m writing my experiences on here , so i can look back.

Love to hear from you if you are Facebook ads for your work. Especially so if you are selling stuff online in Singapore.

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