Expensive Coffee in Singapore

The price of coffee in Singapore is raising again. This time round coffeeshop owners are saying that this is mainly due to the water price hike that the government is going to put in place in July 2017.

I agreed that when you are running a business you need to make money. I’m also trying to run one now. If you do a search on Google, you will find this article that from Today Online

“(The cost of water) is only a small part of their operating costs, maybe 5 to 10 per cent? So it should not affect the coffee prices,” he said. The association represents some 400 coffee shops.

via Hawkers, coffee shops to keep prices despite water cost hike

However, the coffeeshop owners that they interview in the article are mostly from big coffee chains like Toast Box and Ya Kun Kaya Toast, it is already damn WTF when their kopiokosong cost $1.40 or could be more (it’s been a long time since I go to coffee chains for their coffee) even if they DO not raise the price, the margin is already quite high.

There are a few arguments to this:

  • you are paying for the AC
  • you are paying for the environment
  • you are paying for the high rental
  • you pay more for Starbucks

On the part about Starbucks, at least they are using better beans (than again I seldom go Starbucks too. I go for meeting, maybe sit around to use their internet. Mainly using it for their “environment”)

The coffeeshop owners I’m talking about in my post are those from the neighbourhood. Some of them are already raising prices,  very soon they will catch up with the price from the coffee chains. Again you might say:

2017-03-09 at 9.55 AM.jpg

They need. But they should not take advantage of the system. Because this issue is going hit the uncles and aunties more. Some uncles and aunties do not make as much and neighbourhood coffeeshops are where they get their daily staples / sit around have drinks and make friends.

Ok. So you type so long is just to complain. Can you do anything?

errrr. not much. this post is pretty much a rant

But I like to share that maybe making coffee at home is a better option. I do it everyday. I do not use expensive beans. I use normal kopitiam beans  that I buy from the market and I use it with Aeropress. Gives you the “Americano” kopitiam kind of feel. I got the beans from here. $8.00 for 500 grams. Let say 20 grams per cup. Thats 25 cups of coffee for $8.00.

You make the coffee that you like, sweeter or creamy up to you. You want damn “gao” also can.