Family and Money 

I have been looking for work for sometime now. Maybe about 3 months? 

Running a startup, I used to have the time flexibility to take care of my mom. The best part is able to work from home and if need to, head into the office late because I had to bring her to see doctor. (I’m writing this as I wait patiently for my mom’s turn to see doctor, it is super crowded but I truly appreciate the medi care in Singapore) 

Anyway, as I continued to look for a job, I’m worry that if I look for a stable job, I’m not able to have the time flexibility to take care of my mom. But without work, there is no income and I cannot be without income for a Long time.

What should I do?

Thinking aloud and writing out my thoughts. How can I make a living from freelancing? How can I build up a business again, a solid business with sound business model. 

For the past 6-8 months, I been testing the idea of Fieldbeta. It’s a tool for facility management, even thou there is traction with a single customers. The bigger customers have their own system and it seems that they are not as open to saas software yet. (This could be a local issue) 

After repeated failures, I need small wins and I’m giving myself datelines to my projects. It doesn’t always have to win but I need to move forward to succeed. I’m extending this to quickbooks and let see what it can do.