Do your big tasks first!

No time in your busy life to pause and spend an evening with loved ones? Philipp Schneider’s illustration shows you otherwise.

via The Jar of Life: First Things First — Discover

The jar is the amount of time you have, it is finite.
Always start with the bigger tasks in mind, like finding time to do up that code of yours. Or going for the 10km run that you set to do today. These are the big stones, big tasks

Once you have the big stones in the jar, it’s time for the smaller stones. Like sending emails, coordinating on meeting time. That takes away a hour or two.

After that work on the even finer things, these are the sand. You will be amazed that all the sand will be able to fit in there.

And finally the least important thing in  your day, these are the liquids. Like watching TV, it not important to me. So if I do get a bit of time, I will “pour” it in.

How are you setting up your day? Are you starting with the bigger tasks first?