How will you be competing, with yourself?

As we come to understand why each is pursuing his own dream, we’ll discover the greatest secret that has been hidden right before our eyes all along: far more fascinating than the magic are the magicians themselves. via MAGICIANS: Life In the Impossible – The Magic Documentary

Caught this yesterday, it’s a two star documentary on Netflix but I never expect it to caught my attention. You see, its talks about 4 different magicians 🎩 in different stages of their life and each time the contrast is well highlighted in the film. For example, in a scene you see a young, uprising magician having his big show in Vegas while on the other end, there is a struggling older magician who is looking for more gigs. 

I like this kind of shows, makes me reflect how am I going to compete with the younger people out there. When I talked to people of my age, they like to say that they have experiences that the younger ones don’t and they use this as an advantage in job applications. 

For me, I’m 50/50. I think experience is a good thing to have but do not get complacent. Being complacent is like having a big ego and when a person have big ego, that’s gg for him/her. Because a person with big ego never listens.

I’m going to be 35 this year. How can I compete with the younger graduates? Have you think about it? How can you compete?