Simplify, small, short and slow

Two weeks into 2017. I wonder how many people have broken their resolutions.

Read the book about the practicing mind and learn these 4 words. 

If you are doing something you hate / dislike or just don’t feel like doing it. The suggestion is to simplify the task. Keep it small this making it less hard. Keep it short too, short meaning like short sprint, like working on the task for 25-30mins, rest maybe start again. Work on it for an hour or two in total before moving to something else. Day by day, you will get closer to completion. Finally doing it slow. Making sure that you are learning something out from the process, temporarily ignore the end result. 
I thought I put the learning into practice especially with the new resolutions. There will be times where I start to drop off from my goals, what I need to do is to simplify, keep it small, make it short and do it slow. 


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