If the boss can do your work, why hire you?

The bottom line is that employees are happiest when the boss knows what she or he is talking about, and that drives performance: there is growing evidence, from randomized trials done under laboratory conditions, that when you make workers happier they become more productive.

via If Your Boss Could Do Your Job, You’re More Likely to Be Happy at Work

If the boss knows what he is talking about, he is able to communicate better which lead to less “extra” work and that is what every employee wants. Everyone wants to be good and efficient in their work. If the boss says “A” now and “B” later, how are we ever to get work done.

However, this is mostly the case right now. Because there is another school of thought, if the boss knows how to do your job, why do he hire you? You can of course argue that it is a form of delegation. But in many cases, because the boss does not know any better how to do the work.

what say you?