Your life is like a bus journey

You might find it hard to understand the following quote but let me explain and you will understand why you need to stay on the fucking bus.

It’s simple. Stay on the bus. Stay on the f*cking bus. Via Link

I’m going to use a more local context as an example. Also I’m adding some additional stuff from my point of view.

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I stay Sengkang area. Many Singaporeans said that this is a Super ulu place or as we will say “🐦鸟不生蛋的地方”.

There is a Sengkang Bus interchange nearby. There are several berths for the buses. You will find a sign showing the numbers of the buses that leave from the particular berth. For example Bus 80, 83, 86, 163…

The buses will travel the same line for at least a few kilometres stopping at different bus stops. At the interval bus stops, you will find the same bus numbers again, 80, 83, 86, 163… Sometimes, you will find other buses too. For example Bus 50, which joins in from AMK.

The interchange is the starting point for all buses

Now for example, each bus stop is a year in time. So the third bus stop is 3 years, the fifth bus stop is 5 years. Next, let us take a bus number as a product idea.

For example, Bus #80 represents a kitchen knife idea you have in mind. You put your heart, sweat and soul into it. 3 years later, you finally have your super awesome, ultra sharp kitchen knife ready. You are now ready to showcase it to the world. You do your launch and you start receiving feedback.

Hey, have you heard of Bus #83? The knives are pretty awesome. Maybe you can learn from them?

What about Bus #163? The knives are amazing too.

These buses are on the same line.

Shocked, you realise that what you have been doing for three years others have already done.

So you pressed the bell, got off immediately. Book an uber and rush back to the interchange. This time, you have a smart watch idea (Bus #86). Again you put your heart, sweat and soul into it. 3 years later, you launched and only to get back the similar comments.

Have you seen Apple Watch?

Fitbit has a similar function as yours

So once again, you get off the bus, race back and find a new berth. This goes on and on, always showing new ideas and always being compared to others.

What to do?

It’s simple. Stay on the bus. Stay on the fcking bus*

Why? because if you do in time you will being to see a difference. Bus #80 and #83 are on the same line but only for that few kilometres. They will break off, each heading off to their own destination.

From the author

It’s the separation that makes all the difference, and once you start to see that difference in your work from the work you so admire (that’s why you chose that platform after all), it’s time to look for your breakthrough.

I think at this point you have roughly know the morale of the story. Here’s what I learn:

  • Whatever fuck idea you have in mind, someone has it too.
  • It takes time to nature an idea.
  • Keep moving forward, you do not go back nor do you stand still.
  • Hope on to another bus if you need too. Ie to say “Copy from the best” learn and iterate (The Chinese did it this way, take a look at WeChat. Now FB Messenger is trying to follow their steps)
  • Finally another quote from the article: Stardom is no dream to chase. We just need to be good. And make good work.

I forgot who shared this article with me. Thank you.

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