What have I learn writing on Medium for a year? 

A year ago, I made the decision to write on Medium for a full year. It’s coming to a close as we reach the end of the year. Here are some things that I learn.
– I started with zero followers and now I have about 491. Nothing compared to the big blogs out there but it’s a small achievement for me.

  • it’s easy to write on Medium, the ui is amazing and it’s simply looks cool.
  • it’s easy to create publication on Medium too, a click of a button and you are on your way to start a new publications. Many times, you will end up creating more than you need, thinking that you like to have one for sports, one for business and one for so and so. In the end, you have tons of publications with no content

  • it’s not a one way street, you like people to respond to your posts, you have to do the same, you have to engage

  • read the stuff by TOP Writers, comment meaningfully and wait for harvest

  • the community is very much US focus still and if you are into tech, you have much more things to read. If you are looking for sports like climbing and yoga, no so much

  • if you are hoping to grow audience from Medium, my suggestion is that take Medium as a distribution platform. Like Facebook / twitter etc, write at a place and share it there.

  • when I first started, you could only have three tags, now you can have 5. Think if 5 tags are relevant to your blog as a whole and not the posts. Not sure about the SEO but it seems to enable more discovery of my content.

  • if possible, join other publications. They are always short of Writers, of course you need to have good writing

During the year, I had some struggles with writing. I wanted to leave Medium and just leave it blank. But I know that I have done these kind of things too many times. Start a blog and end up with nothing. So I managed to motivate myself to make it to the end of year. I can say that I “completed” the project, although not perfect. It’s still shipping and this 31 Dec 2016, it will be shipped 🙂

I’m starting to write here now, as a warm up, coming back to my home. To write stuff. To write how to be an independent worker living in one of the world’s most expensive cities.