1012 Posts

One thousand and twelve blog posts, that is how much personal stories I have shared on this site since 2006. 10 years have past. That’s about 100 stories per year and a n average of 2 stories per week. Looking at these numbers, I’m proud of myself.

I never consider myself a writer and I have never thought that I would enjoy writing. If you ever read one of my writings, you will know that I often have bad grammars and spelling mistakes.

Looking back

Why I started writing?

You can see how stupid the first post was (Oct 2006). I started writing because I thought I could actually make some money out from writing. I was hoping that I could be like Xiaxue or those famous bloggers who write about their life and they had a following. Who could resist fame, status and money. So I start to write about my school life (Mar 2007) , some random shit of myself and of course travel (hopping to be a travel blog)

All these changed when I enter the NOC program. This was in 2008, I wanted to documented my life in NOC but wordpress.com was block in China and I had to move the service. I managed to export the writing back to this site when I came back to Singapore.

Early 2009, when I’m back I restart and continue to write about school life and finance shit. It was the period of financial crisis and everything in the media was about finance. Naturally, writing about finance stuff will bring in some traffic. Still hoping I can make money from blogging 😮

Mid 2009 till 2010, I started writing about running. I was in NUS Biathlon team. Everything was about fitness, the thought of turning this into a fitness blog came across my mind too.

2011-2012, suddenly everything changed. It was about tech, I fell in love with tech. I wanted to be an influential in tech. TechCrunch was a daily read. I went crazy over tech, today idea A, tomorrow idea B. I also started curating from other blogs, doing link blogging like Marco Arment my role model.

2013-till is where I started documenting my startup life. And at this point, I figured that traffic is no longer important. I’m happy that I started writing because it really help me documented my life but most importantly it gave me an outlet to escape.

Proud moments

At certain point when blogging was the super “in” thing, I did consider if I was able to make money out from blogging. I did manage to do a few sponsorship writing and I got a free Oakley Sunglasses out from it  😀

Also as I started to write more about startup life and even had a curation project on it, I was invited to join Carbon Ads (the ad that is running right beneath this article). When I got the invite, I was so happy. I was proud because I finally made it. Carbon Ads is an invite only ad network, so you get invited only if you met certain traffic goals. Most importantly, I’m now listed along side of some very influential tech bloggers. The true is the ads is not making me a lot of money, it has nothing to do with the network but because my site does not bring in high traffic to have the compensation to be substantial, but I’m still keeping the ads around because I’m proud of it.

Another of my proud moment is when one of my article got posted on Hacker News. This is like a geek dream, the post was only trending for 2 hours but the site traffic was going crazy. This was then, now I have past the stage of going crazy over traffics.


During this 10 years, I have change the domain name multiple times.

from leetucksing.wordpress.com (which was the default) to

  • idostartup.com
  • lts.sg
  • finally bosslee.co

Will it change again, I’m not sure. But it’s pretty cool that friends call me Bosslee when they see me even thou I’m not their real boss 😜

The site also changed from platform to platform. From wordpress.com to self hosted to Jekyll and back to hosted. This is also how I start to learn more about HTML and CSS.

The theme for the site also changed thousand of times. Wherever was trending, I would be changing it. Finally I learn that getting people to appreciate your writing has nothing to do with your theme. It is your content and context that makes the different. It is unlikely I will change this theme again. I love it old school.

Moving forward

I did have a thought if I should be writing on Medium. Of course, there are lots of argument about it’s a platform and it is your place kind of BS. If one day they change policies you might not be able to get your content out. The question for me is not about getting the content out but more of a single place to document my life. This site have 10 years of my life.

Maybe I will try, maybe not. But one thing is for sure I writing more on my newsletter. I getting kind of obsessed with newsletter / emails marketing. So I thought maybe by writing about it, I can also learn more from it. If you are interested, you can follow my journey too 😀

There is no better way to learn than to teach.
– BENJAMIN WHICHCOTE, Moral and Religious Aphorisms

Friends, thank you for your support. This is going to be an exciting 2016.

p/s This is post no.1013

Update: decided to the best way to test out medium is to write there for a period of time. A year with medium