Writing a weekly newsletter about emails

Make sense?

Earlier I shared I had another subscriber left my newsletter. I’m not ashamed to share it but current my EOTR has only 58 subscribers. 58 awesome readers and listeners willing to hear me out.

Thank you to all 58 people. You presence make me stronger.

The issue of subscriber falling could be due to the topics I writing about is too vague. Persis from Tomboy Tarts also think so too.

Another subscriber left my newsletter this week. I also did not add any new subscriber to my email list this week. So…

Posted by Launchbyte – Sharing Stories From The Internet on Thursday, 17 December 2015

This is what I’m going to try out. I fascinated newsletters. I wrote this before. Some people call and use it as email marketing. Some used to share their personal stories. Some even manage to make money out from it. Even thou we have much communication mediums around, I still think that email is still the best around. Although you have startups trying to solve the email problems, it would still be interesting to talk about emails.

I’m going to do a newsletter series about emails. Each week, you will get an email from me with 5 links about emails. The range is relativity broad because it can cover from:
– list building
– better email marketing
– email for personal branding
– how to handle email instead of it handling you

However, this will allow me to streamline the core topic to use emails, instead of jumping from startup life to coffee to yoga. At least my audience will know what they are expecting each week 😁

I hope this works. If you are interested and want to show your support, you can sign up here.