Another subscriber gone

Another subscriber left my newsletter this week. I also did not add any new subscriber to my email list this week. So this made me think again, what is happening and how can I start to grow my list?

Is it because of my topic?

It could be. As I study how others are building up their list, they have a single focus. Some newsletter focus on ecommerce, some focus on programming and with that single topic, readers are able to connect and know what to expect each week. For example I’m roughly know that I will get an email from iOS weekly to keep me updated about the latest development in iOS.

I thought that I had a focus by highlighting that I would be writing about startup life, coffee and Yoga. But it seems that it is not focus enough. It might still be too broad.

So what exactly is my objective to building up this newsletter. I ask myself again

  • is it because other people are doing it than I’m following? If so than I need to find a core topic that I like to share about so it can make it easier for people to relate.
  • is it to be an expert in certain area? If so I need to find a topic that I’m good in.
  • is it to sell something to the subscribers? Is so what is a topic that concerns the product I’m selling, I should be sharing about that.

It’s like setting up an interest group. I have no answer right now and I have reach my stop. 😁

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