ZoukOut 2015

What to bring for music festivals 

This is my first ZoukOut party and it is also my last. Not because the experience was bad but this is the last year that ZoukOut will be happening. And I only got to know this after I attended the party, you can see how disconnected I am to the local party scene.

Anyhow, I’m can’t remember when did I fell in love with EDM. The earliest memory of my first encounter is Dash Berlin spinning at Zouk and that totally changed my perception of trance music. Since than Armin and Dash have always been on my playlist when I’m working. It’s keeps me alive.

Together we are louder!

It was an amazing experience. Together with my crazy group of friends, we were able to squeeze right to the front row at 4:30am. We were that at 10pm. The energy is total crazy upfront and the bass is like a hammer pounding my heart. My ears had ringing sound that lasted for a day after the event ended.

Like all music festivals, there are lots of pushing. ZoukOut is no different but If I were to compared it with the Ultra Japan, the experience is much better in Japan.

Up Close

Standing in the front row also means that I get be real close to the DJs. Armin started his set at 5:30am, followed by Andrew. All the wait, lack of sleep, no drinking water so that I do not need to go loo are all worth it.

Here is a close up view of my favourite moment.

Trance / EDM might not be for everyone but if you are considering to experience one. This is what I learn that you should bring.

Oh I forgot to mentioned that it was raining all night. We thought that we needed rain coat, we got a disposal one but never really got to use it because it was too crowded, the human heat would keep you warm, real warm. Thank god it was raining the whole night.

  • a fresh set of clothing, the cab or commuters will thank you for it
  • a pair of slipper, if it is a beach party
  • a small towel
  • a credit card
  • little cash (just in case)
  • a plastic bag, to dump all above item in so that it will not get wet
  • if possible, small pieces of bread. It will keep you energise till the sun comes out.

If you have a better packing list, I love to know. Next stop for me is Ultra Korea 👻👻👻