Your list has lost a subsciber

It hurts to read this kind of mail in the morning. It makes me wonder what did I done in the last newsletter that caused the reader to leave. Most of the time, we would not get any feedback from them.

It could be the content or it could be me.

The truth is I’m looking to build an email list. I have nothing to sell (in the future maybe). I want to build the list because I feel closer writing in letters. I want to talk about tech, coffee and yoga. Perhaps sometimes I want to talk about different things.

I did not make any special offers or have any specific content (for example, iosweekly or nodejsweekly) they have a core topic in mind.

Content wise, this newsletter had a few changes. It started off sharing some random thoughts than it was sharing weekly tech news because everyone seems to be doing it. Now it is much more focus. It shares about the journey of starting an online coffee store – #bossleecoffee and coffee.

Fellow readers and Writers, what are your thoughts? How can I make my newsletter more valuable to readers with the interest in coffee? I like to talk about tech and yoga 🙂

This is my signup page for your teardown-

Love to hear your thoughts.

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