Finished Reading: Do The Work

A very easy to read book by Steven Pressfield – Do The Work. It’s talks about how we human procrastinate and find excuses for ourselves. One of the key factor that we procrastinate or did not start our project is because we think too much and we end up not starting.

Remember the time, you got so involved choosing the tools that you need for your garden that you wasted a third of your day and you end up only finishing 20% of your work. <- that’s planning too much. So times when we just do, we try to solve problem along the way. It might take a little be more time but it’s better than not starting.

This is my favourite quote from his book.

“Because finishing is the critical part of any project. If we can’t finish, all our work is for nothing.”

He shared a simple 3 steps process to finished work.
– starts from the ending
– than the start
– following by the middle

For example: when writing a story, start with an ending. The cop is going to die and the murder will run away.

The start: it was a lazy morning and Tom forces himself to on his uniform and headed for work

Finally for the middle: question yourselves?
– how did Tom get into the murder scene?
– why did he not use a gun
– or Tom was the murder himself.

As you can see, with a ending and a start, it’s much easier to form up Yue body of the story. This works the same for startups.

  • the end: to be a common name among household for iot devices
  • the start: starts with energy monitoring first
  • the middle is how I connect the dots to make it towards the end.

Note to self: when faced with questions, come back and ask myself what is the ending I want to achieve.


My buddy Sai said that the middle part of me mentioning that how I connect the dots are too vague. 

It should be more proper and detail. He said 

Middle connect the dots is too vague 😛 we need to define our next steps just like the cop story by questioning ourselves – what’s after energy monitoring? What if klug air isn’t popular? How we identify the key steps needed to be a common household name? What other devices should we be disrupting apart from the age old energy meter?