Finished Reading: Crush it 

If you come across this book by Gary Vaynerchuk – Crush It!: Why Now Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion. And you are thinking of buying it because you are planning to make some income from your passion, for example blogging like Xiaxue, doing videos like Mr Brown and many others.

Let me help you save some money. Here are 5 key points that I learn from the book.

  • It takes time, of course sometimes there are exception when you see other people succeeded in a short span of time, but most will take a longer horizon. For example? Xiaxue took a long time to build her following also she was very controversial in her topics.
  • Test out different distribution channels. When you found the one, focus hard on that. Influencers used to start from blogging. But now you have Facebook, Twitter, snapchat and Instagram. If blogging is not for you, try another channel. Maybe works too. For me, I’m working on medium.
  • Learn, teach, learn and teach again. There is no need to be an expert to start with. I can start a blog on how I start learning coffee and each article is about how I embrace more knowledge of it. Take the opportunity to share and teach. This way, it will also help myself build up the credential.
  • Always be yourself, people will come for the content but stay on your site because of you. So do not worry if you start a blog talking about coffee and later you want to change it to Yoga. It is alright.
  • Start small, think big. There will always be someone else in this world that share the same interest as you. They are your audiences.

I cannot exactly remember when did I started to drink coffee but in my memories the very first cup was kopi-siew-dai (Black coffee with milk and condensed milk). It was introduced to me when I started working part time in an event company. I was never into coffee, to me it is just a hot drink. Nothing special, not addictive to me too. But now everything has change.