Dumber Singaporeans?

This author just wrote a hard truth about how some of us Singapreans are reacting to the haze. Although some of the online critics are quite funny (maybe on purpose or perhaps just to get more traffic for their site) It also shows how we have been living a good life and expecting the government to solve everything for us.

In other countries, an externally-triggered crisis would normally cause citizens to put aside their differences and rally towards a cause. Notice how the Americans came together after 9/11 and the Boston bombings? Notice how the Japanese [edited from Japs] came together to help each other after Fukushima? But in Singapore, we have multiple sites from the online community that are known to be anti-PAP and politicize almost all events as resulting from the incompetence of the PAP. The haze is no exception. Online commentary has degenerated into a mudfest of nitpicking the words of politicians and how “slow” the Govt’s reaction has been.

Via Dumb and Dumber Singaporean Reactions to the Haze | sgthinker.wordpress.com