Your Attention, Please?

Social and mobile have fundamentally altered attention. Platforms for self-expression and communication are the largest and most important media companies of the millennial age, dominating share of attention and engagement for young people. And the behavior of the young is predictive of the future. Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Tumblr, Snapchat, Reddit, WhatsApp, Instagram, Vine and YouNow were all catalyzed by teen use first, and later spread to older age groups. If you want to know which companies to bet on, just follow the attention.

Via May I Have Your Attention, Please? — Life Learning — Medium

Instead of attention, the interesting catch here is at most of the social platforms were first catalyzed by teens first than to adults, why is this the case? Does this only work for platforms? If this is true, how does this work for products? If we are building a new product, should we build it for the teen first with an expectation that in the future that adults will use and buy? This really sets me thinking.