5 ways to make taking the MRT more interesting and maybe fun!

Recently, I moved to the north and I’m even more dependent on the MRT now. I have a long commute and squeezing on the train in the morning is not the best way to start your day. So how do you make your long commute more interesting beside just scrolling through Facebook?

not that I do not scroll through Facebook but I think the commute time can be of better use. Also while you are doing something, the time seems to fly

  1. Write: that’s what I’m doing now. I write. Writing helps you to think, if you like you can even more money out of it. You can use any platform that you like, you can even use Facebook to write. Choose a topic, say you love swimming. Start writing about your swimming tactics and why you love it and how others could improved. You might even get to create an ebook on it or eventually be like those big time bloggers in Singapore. The best thing is if you start writing there is an opportunity to make money for your writing.
  2. Read: if writing is not for you. Why not read. Read a book, a physical book. Even thou I’m like most “phone addicts”, I too have the fear of missing out. I still prefer a physical book than an ebook, because a real book will keep you away from distraction. Reading on iPad or your phone will quickly turn into you reading the social media feed. Furthermore, reading helps you to learn new things. Or reading fiction has also been proved to make you more creative.
  3. Draw: I only saw this once when I travel from Sambawang to NUS. I saw someone taking out a book and start sketching. He make use of his commute time to practise his skills. That’s what people say, practice makes perfect, you just have to keep doing it
  4. Text: yeah text! This is a good time to text your friend. Your really good friend and check out how he is doing. Maybe even ask her/him out for dinner and really catch up.
  5. Smile. This is very important because I believe everyone’s mood would be affect even if you board a super crowded train and everyone having a grumpy face. So simple even if others are having a grumpy face. You smile would make them feel better too. Especially when everyone is so close to each other :p

This is how you make your #smrt ride interesting.