Slow and Steady

Not To Stop

startup running

It used to be only Daryl and me running weekly at MacRitchie Reservoir. Recently the group[1] has grown and we have so much fun running and talking about startups.

Yesterday was a slightly different run for me. I started the run strong, I believe I was averaging at 4:30/km. I was feeling light and everyone was dashing together. It was almost like a race.

We had a short break at the ranger station before starting off again. This time I started to feel side stitches coming. I had to slow down. As I slow down, friends start to run past me and very soon they were all gone.

A while on, there was their guy in bright green top running past me. He was going at a constant pace. So I told myself that I have to catch up with him and follow his pace. With the side stitches still causing nuisance to my run, I managed to catch up with him and past him. After running past him, the side stitches was getting unbearable so I stop and walk. The guy caught up with me. This “I catch up with him, he catch up with me” happened a few times. Each time, I catch up with him, I stopped. As for him, he was going slow and steady all these while.

At the 4th crossing, I suddenly realised that this situation is exactly like running startup. If you speed up to catch someone in front (you are growing and fast) but if you speed up to much, there could be pain (obstacles) that caused to you slow and even stop. If you stop, competitions will come from behind and you will soon lose out. You can again choose to speed up again but the pain might come back again.

If you startup stops moving, it stops growing. The same is true for running. If you come to a stop, you stop moving forward.

The best way is to be like the guy in green, slow and steady win the race. At the 4th crossing, I pick up my pace again but this time, I keep it at a reasonable speed that I know that I will not trigger the side stitches, I soon catch up with the guy and onward to finish my route. This is why I love running, because it helps me think.