Little Startup

In my early twenties, I was spending increasing amounts of time hacking away at some software together with a friend, in their garage. The software itself never made it out of that garage, but our enthusiasm of working together on something we cared about did. Eventually, we took every penny we had and founded our own startup. It was the most exciting thing I had every done. All of a sudden, we were the ones directing projects, doing our own thing. Money kept coming in, employees got hired, and in many ways the startup became something like a family. Getting up in the morning and arriving at your own place, that’s a feeling I will never forget.

Via The Unemployable Programmer

My only focus now is to have Klug reaching the hands of public. The challenge for startups, be it hardware or software is that the product never to the hands of the users.

And I owe this to the team. The team that never gives us on me and the team that’s like a family. I personally believe that Intraix been to lots of crisis and we never die. The reason to this is simple, the team. Without the team I have today, there will be no Intraix.

In fact, big companies can easily pay more than us to attract the team over but none did it. We have a common goal, we believe energy saving starts with more information and Internet of things is the beginning.

Truly I never get tired going to the office, I look forward because I get to see my family.