Public transport is a big problem in Singapore

 Population growth might threaten that, particularly if it leads to traffic gridlock, “the easiest way to strangle Singapore”, according to Kishore Mahbubani, dean of the Lee Kuan Yew School. One of the city’s biggest failures, he argues, has been that its public-transport system has not kept up with population growth, despite the hectic pace of underground-railway construction.

Source: Many spokes to its hub | The Economist

Public transport is a big problem in Singapore, especially with the growing population. How can technology play a part in this area and how can startups venture into this space too?

I’m thinking, businesses like Uber, Grab Taxi changes the game for transportation. If you have the cash to pay, you will get a ride to the destination. But these are app based services, how else can we change the game for public transport, what about infrastructure?

  • If owning is car is still a Singaporean dream like the article mentioned, how about introducing smaller cars? Those 2 seaters kind that I see in Tokyo, Japan?
  • Maybe encourage more to cycle? But as a cyclist I know, Singapore is not cyclist friendly. The cars think that they pay “road tax” so they own the rights.

So how?