Not about tech

It is not just about tech when it comes to building businesses.

By being so blatant on social media, Daniel Wellington’s Instagram account has gained more than a million followers, almost quadruple that of competitors MVMT (238,000) and Fossil (236,000). Traditionally, watch brands have avoided using social media, so Daniel Wellington has filled the void for online watch content. via Link

I have been in the tech scene for a while and as a tech entrepreneur, I strongly believe the mantra of “Software is eating the world”. Each time a new idea pops up in my mind, it would be something related to tech, software based, mobile app… blah blah blah. Sometimes I think I get too deep into it.

There is no doubt that “Software is eating the world” but when it comes to building a business, it is not just about tech. There are many things outside tech. For example, the watch business Daniel Wellington will be clocking 200M this year in revenue. There is nothing much tech on it. It is the marketing that change the game. I can be building the best product with the best tech but if there is no decent marketing on it. It is nothing.