Afraid to fail

Be honest, be truthful, be ambitious and not afraid to fail. These are the usual words you will hear from successful entrepreneurs on the media. Some people call these media entrepreneur porn and I do agree that sometimes when I watch it, it does make me feel better.

When I read about how others are doing worst than me, I actually good about myself and when I read about others who are better than me, I think why is the world unfair and why am I not given the chance or opportunity? This was a fuck up moment in my life. I believe I was feeling this way because I was afraid to fail. I was worried that people will think I am stupid. I should have do something else … blah blah blah…

This was me when I first started out venturing on my now. Time have past and I have grown. I watch less of entrepreneurs porn (much less, I read more now).

  • I learn that may successful entrepreneurs have no idea what they were doing too when they first started out. And instead of asking why the world is unfair I should be asking How can I be better than them?.
  • I learn that when others are doing worst than me, I should study and ask myself how can this not happen to my company.

  • I learn that if I keep trying I may not necessary succeed by I would not regret it because I chose this path.

Just before I end my writing, here is one entrepreneur porn for you.

Selamat Hari Raya, 2015.