Do you really need to add that team member?

In the course of running a startup, we do lots of experiments. Some succeed and some fail.   But it’s different when these failures cost people their jobs. These last few months have been incredibly painful for me, but at least I didn’t have to worry about how to pay the rent. They did worry about rent. I fucked up and my employees paid for it.

Via After the Layoffs – 42Floors Blog

While I did not expect layoff, I did encountered cashflow issues. I felt just as bad. My employees leave, some stay. Nowadays, before I make a hire, I think very hard. Is it necessary? Is there an web service that can replace his/her work? Maybe outsourcing some of your work?

However If I do make a hire, there will be a team meet every month and everyone can share their views about the new hire. This is what I’m currently doing now. I’m worried because in the past we hire fast and fire slow. We also did not assessment among the team. The worst was that guys we brought in were not unlike with our existing team which is why we fuck up last year.