Always reaching for that phone.

Always reaching for that phone.

It’s not entirely surprising. Whether you’re waiting in line for coffee or out “watching” fireworks overhead, it seems like everyone has their phone out in some capacity. It’s as if we prefer the confines of a pocketable screen with the world only in peripheral.

Smartphones are now part of our life. There is no doubt about it. In the near future, it might actually replace laptop (already happening now) with all the productivity softwares available for the smartphones.

However it is also taking over our life. I have to admit and I think I wrote it before I have phone addiction. I keep reaching for my phone, the moment my hands are free or there is a pocket time. I’m losing my senses to be aware of the things around me.

Although I deleted the Facebook app on my phone. Sometimes I still get on Facebook via the web interface. I’m working on a stricter program to curb my addiction. I’m not sure if this addiction is due to the fact that I’m in the tech scene, everything is about mobile now.

Currently. I tried to write more. Each time I reach for my phone, I write… Like now. At least when I write I share my thoughts and not be swiping the screen for more dopamine.

Another way that I prevent myself from reaching the phone too frequently is to have it in my bag. This way it creates more friction.

Friends, if you have any better way stop this or if you believe you too are suffering from the same phone addiction. I love to hear your thoughts.