Why late?

I’m late for an appointment today.
I hope I can make it before 8. It is now 0746. Why do we or rather I sometimes tend to be late? We give the excuse that we work late yesterday and blah blah blah. However this is not a excuse. The other party’s time is just as important as your time. I’m have no idea why people tend to be late for some appointment, sometimes we do need to give them the benefit of doubts.

What I do know is that if I’m late for an appointment, I tent to be in a bad mood and the rest of the day suffer. But I learn than if I manage to control my temper or mood, I will not affect the rest of my day.

My suggestion to all friends is that if you are sincerely late, take a deep breathe before rushing out. It would make your day better. It’s 0800, I’m a stop away :p