Facebook video wins

The personal videos are a great hook. Something Facebook can do the best. And they cost nothing. Casual video creators aren’t lining up outside Chris Cox’s office and asking for a contract, as most successful video talent wants from YouTube (and perhaps, Facebook). The focus of the company should be to help the “commons” share more video, and have them share it with their social networks. And perhaps later they can expand to all the other stuff being put out by others such as Buzzfeed Video.

Via How & why Facebook video can overtake YouTube | Om Malik

Om Malik shared a piece of article about how Facebook video could be winning YouTube and I believe he has capture the gist of it.

Recently, after the hype of. Meekat and Periscope, I started to get interested in creating videos, I even brought a glif pie stand so that I can have a tripod to hold my iPhone6 Plus. I tried creating on short videos on Twitter and Instagram but it did not work out for me. As for YouTube, it seems too professional for me.

I’m looking for a place where I can do “personal video blog” but I do not want the commitment. Creating a channel brings in the commitment. I only want to do it where I want and when I want. I’m a causal video creator, maybe Facebook is a place for me to try this out.