Ads, The default model on the Internet.

Once we’ve assumed that advertising is the default model to support the Internet, the next step is obvious: We need more data so we can make our targeted ads appear to be more effective. Cegłowski explains, “We’re addicted to ‘big data’ not because it’s effective now, but because we need it to tell better stories.” So we build businesses that promise investors that advertising will be more invasive, ubiquitous, and targeted and that we will collect more data about our users and their behavior.

Via The Internet’s Original Sin – The Atlantic

We, the users on the Internet want mostly “free” stuff. But someone needs to pay the bills for the web companies generating content for us. The easiest way, ads. As the author points out, Ads are the easiest to implement and also quick to monetise (no doubt the value is low). However, the ads space is no longer just about having a simple ad on your site. It must be a targeted ad and with that “big data” or analytics comes into play. This is also one of the reason why Facebook is doing so well from their ads revenue.

If you are thinking of having ads on your site. You need to consider two things.
1. How can your offer more targeted ads? Are you operating a niche site?
2. We, the users of Internet hate ads. How can you make the ads subtle and effective at the same time.

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