You have no business.

Listening to @mljustin’s build and launch podcast – 26. It’s a short podcast (15mins) so if you have a short travel, it is ideal. This episode he talks about building validation for a business. The correct kind of validation. What is a correct kind of validation, customer who are willing to pay. If you have no paying customer, you have no business.

How do you do that? He shared some tips but I would share the simplest would be to validate with your target audience in mind.

For example, My business is in the space of energy management software. When I first started and I got covered by the local tech blogs, I was so excited. We got good reach and many of the readers shared that it was a good idea. However, these tech readers are not my target audience, my audience are the ones working in facilities management. They are the decision makers in deciding if they need energy management for their building. I should try to get my product in front of their eyes. And see if they are willing pay. Because if they do, I got a game. 🙂

I’m testing out a new format of writing, I would listen to a podcast. Give it a short review and my thoughts about that episode. Than I will be posting it as a tweet storm and as a blog post to keep an archive.