Disconnect with your audience.

Listening to 1daybb, episode 22 by @PatFlynn and @chrisducker. #1daybb – One Day Business Breakthrough is a podcast series where a entrepreneur gets to a hot seat ask question and being advice by Pat and Chris to find out the breakthrough in the entrepreneur’s business.

This episode, Ron is in the hot seat. He has a site and is growing but he is not able to make any money from it.

Pat and Chris identify the problems lies in the disconnect between his work and his audience. Ron has a site that teach his audience how be an online entrepreneur but without any track record of Ron being successful online how can build the credibility and the connection with his audience?

To build up credibility and connections

The advice from Pat and Chris was that you can start building something successful outside the space so that once you done it, it’s easier for you to share on the case studies plus it adds credibility. Or you can be upfront and share that you do not know anything about topic but you have a huge interest in it and you will be writing down everything you learn about the topic in your journey. Both of this methods will help you to build a connection with the audience.

The first will bring you audience who are looking to learn from an expert in the topic’s space. The latter will bring you audience who are exactly like you, a beginner and learning along the way.

In my case, Although I learn a lot from running Intraix for the past 3 years but I have not build a successful business yet. Again it depends on how we define success? I would put it as being able to run it passively. This very blog you are reading now, talks about starting something awesome and also act my journal of startup journey. Im taking on the latter path building connections with an audience who are looking to build an awesome business and learning along the way. And if one day, Intraix runs passively, I’m able to have this blog in writing and share with people on what I’m have done to get there. I will then have a solid case study.