People will leave. Don’t worry.

I was calm as I listened to his reasons why, but man it was painful. When you’ve built a small company, it feels like you’re just a bunch of friends building some products, it’s all very personal. Later that evening I remembering thinking “Oh crap, how am I ever going to replace him, what the hell am I going to do now!”. This was swiftly followed by me asking myself, “why would he want to leave? what if other people leave…”, needless to say, this was all rather unsettling.

Via 3 Things Every Indie Business Owner Should Know – Dan Counsell

What happens when your first few employees leave. As first time business owner, it might get uncomfortable. I felt really uncomfortable, to certain extent I blame myself for the staff leaving but this is not the way to do it. I have learn through the years that these things are bound by to happen and use the time to reevaluated. Do not hurry to find the next replacement. Dan shared lots of thoughts in his article, a must read for all business owners.