A Room with a View

I smell a strange fragrance coming from the left. It felt like it came bottles of hand sanitiser.

It’s making me uncomfortable.

I open my eyes and I noticed this long, narrow blue bench right opposite me. It is empty and the bench is slightly segmented to create multiple seats that allows many to seat and yet maintaining their private space.

The room is long and narrow just like the bench. It is also segmented and very brightly lighted. There are meter poles around and it seems that the purpose of the poles are to withstand the room from collapsing. There is a long pole that extends throughout ceiling. And even space out on the pole are hand grips.

The room looks dull, there is no lives. Mostly white and gary. I felt lonely and I wonder when can I get out of here.

This is part of my writing101 assignment. I’m been putting of this particular task because it is something that I never try before that is to describe a space. You know each time you read a book and especially fiction where the author could so vividly describe out a venue and you feel you are already there. It’s the kind of challenge. This is my first attempt, I let you have a guess what am I describing?

  1. Train
  2. Bus
  3. Plane

The answer lies Here.