Write Freely

After my #photo101 challenge, I’m now taking the #writing101 course. The course aims at helping beginning writers to build a better writing habit. The challenge today is to write freely, unlocking the mind and writing whatever I want.

Many times I have friends who shared that they have writers block especially when they are given certain topic or subject constrain. However, now that I’m given the freedom to write whatever I want, it is not that easy too. Because there is no constraint, my mind seems to be wanting to write everything. Like now, I’m writing what I’m thinking this very instance. So why not let me share my day with you, I believe it would be interesting and I can also write out my true feeling.

This morning I received a call from my contractor / vendor. They called to inform us that they are unable to fulfil our request and they have to refund us. This vendor was helping my startup with some headware development unfortunately things did not gone well. I not sure if I’m the only one who feels this way but startup life is really a roller coaster. One moment you can be on the media feeling like the you king of the jungle, the next moment you can be like a prey running away from the lions.

This is how I’m feeling now. With this situation, it only means I would be facing delay in my launch which in turns would affect my fund raising effort and the company cash flow. Sometimes I really wonder if we are the only startup that faced so many unlucky happening or this is fate.

I always tell myself that if someone wanted me to die, I would do all my means to keep myself alive just to show him/her that she is wrong. I do not believe in fate. I believe that fate can be changed if someone work hard enough. If I failed, I will try again and again. Maybe it is this kind of mentality that pushed me to complete three Ironman Triathlon.

Finally before I end my writing, I like to share with you that today also the first day, I’m working out from my new office and I’m writing now with my favourite app Evernote. This is my go to app for writing and dumping all my ideas. Plus I also made a small app that allows me to sync my Evernote writing to WordPress.