You cannot replace email?

Proposals to replace email with Facebook Messenger/WhatsApp/whatever won’t solve anything. Email’s problem is the volume of messages you receive and the ability of EVERYONE IN THE WORLD to send you email. If you start getting the same volume of messages through some other platform, you’ll have the same problems on that platform. And then you’ll also have a new problem — some other, private company will own your contact address, rather than you owning it. No, efforts to replace email aren’t about making life more convenient for people — they’re about generating revenue for the company that’s proposing replacing email, and locking customers in to that company. 

Via Mitch Wagner’s Tumblr — Reveal a sender’s email address in Outlook for Mac…

I followed Mitch’s blog for a while now. He offers very interesting tech thoughts. In the above, I believe he shared a great point, no matter what communication protocols or platform we are using, once there is a large volume it will be hard to process. I believe the way to handle emails is to change the way a user handles the email.

For example: checking your email at specific time. For me 12pm and 4pm. Or set up preschedule emails and do not be in a rush to reply emails because if it is that important. The person will call 🙂