Entrepreneurship has gone mainstream.

In TV and movies (Shark Tank, Silcon Valley, The Social Network), in books (The Four Hour Workweek, The $100 Startup, Lean Startup), in podcasts (StartUp, The Smart Passive Income podcast), and of course in blogs (Techcrunch and countless others). Entrepreneurship has gone mainstream. There are at least 400 startup incubators and accelerator programs in existence.

Via 5 Questions to Ask Before You Jump Into Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has gone mainstream. Anyone can set up a site and start selling now. He/she is an entrepreneur. But I’m worry, I’m worry that the media is painting too much of entrepreneurs who are successful and as a result created a success bias. Because for any entrepreneur that is successful there are many that failed.

I’m not putting down those who are trying or who are doing to but I’m sharing that the media might not be reflecting the true case of Entrepreneurship.