33 Things that you did not know about me

March 25th is my birthday. I like to thank everyone for their awesome birthday wishes. I am 33 this year and I like to take this opportunity to share 33 things that you may not know about me. Hopefully you know me better.

The lady behind?, She’s my wife.

Here goes.

  1. 23 March 2015, our founding father passed away. This is a sad period for us (all Singaporeans) because without Mr. Lee Kuan Yew there would be no Singapore today. Mr Lee Kuan Yew Sir, Thank you for everything.
  2. I have been writing on this blog for many years. When I look back to what I wrote in 2006, I almost died. It’s been almost 9 years.
  3. I started blogging because I thought I can make some money from it. I did but it is not comparable to XX. This is now a avenue where I write down my journey.
  4. This blog is called bosslee.co because many friends like to call me 李老板。
  5. I run a startup together with my buddy Darrell. I think we spent more time together than I spend with my wife. Startup life is crazy, we make lots of mistakes but we also learn from them. Despite friends calling me crazy I have not regret my choice of starting a startup.
  6. I’m taking a photography challenge on WordPress now. Photography is awesome, I never thought I love doing it but being able to capture in time or at that very moment is really fun.
  7. Ironman Triathlon – I was crazy enough to do it 3 times.
  8. I’m not as strong as you think. I can only do 12 pull-ups but I’m still working on it.
  9. I’m an Apple fanboy. If you have not notice yet, I do not have any Android devices with me yet…
  10. I started working when I was 12 to help support the family. I came from an average family. My dad used to be a hawker (I would consider a kind of entrepreneur too) and my mom used to do odd jobs. My job was to paste sticker/logos for the those signboards you see along the stadium. Now those signboards have turn digital.
  11. The only time I stop working was when I’m in the Army. Otherwise I was still working part-time even when I was in NUS. My studies? Luckily, I had good friends to make sure I’m doing ok.
  12. I was a sharity elephant mascot. The job made me $80 and it was really fun.
  13. When I was in Primary 6, I was fucking fat. I weighted 96KG and waistline of 38. what caused the change? I thought that by looking better I can find a girlfriend 🙂
  14. I was an ah beng. Tattoos, smoking, clubbing, fighting, ear studs, long comb, gold hair was part of my secondary school life. Looking back, I think because I was fat and I wanted attention so I did all the stupid things.
  15. I stoled handbags from Daimaru when it was still at Liang Court. The brand was Sonia Rykiel. It was an ah lian thing and it fetch good price. However, 上得山多终遇虎。I got caught, mom came to the scene. She pleaded and cried. I got out and this was my turning point.
  16. My poly life was all work and study. I also happened to be a top student for my course. My team’s final year project got into the Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award. We developed a bus stop for the visually impaired. This is where my engineering interest got further arouse 😀
  17. I’m an impatience person, or rather I used to be one.
  18. With bike riding comes accidents. I have several crazy ones but the most memorable is the one I had in Malaysia. I was travelling up north with a group of friends. We went up Fraser Hill, around the bends I fall. The bike was smash and I almost fall off the cliff.
  19. Started my first business in 2003, I tried to run a event company on my own. My first customer was Canon and I was given the opportunity to do a product launch for their canon ixus 3 (that was such a long time ago). I had no staff no I had to ask my friends for help, it was a fun time. The business closed due to poor cashflow management.
  20. I truly fell in love with running when I was in the Army. Running not only help me lose weight it also gives me a time to think. A space in time I spent with myself.
  21. I love the Army. I love the disciplined and the order in the Army. I think I’m a very “on” solider because this is my home so I’m going to protect it. My PB for my IPPT was 9:17
  22. For a short period of time, I was a CNC field technician. The job was boring and dull. It also kinda of kill my interest in Engineering. Which also kinda of leads to my application for NUS Business School.
  23. I always believe I have a crazy group of friends. Friends taking part in Ironman Triathlons, 100KM Trail races.
  24. I was also in Dragonboat for a period of time. I learnt a lot during the time. Dragonboat is a team sport, so the strongest person is just as strong as the last man. Everyone trains together and I made some of my best friends there even till now. SAFRA SHA!
  25. I spent a year in Shanghai for the NUS NOC Programme in 208. It was an amazing programme. 19 of us going into a foreign land and we have to work full-time and study part-time in their top university. The best part was to try out all the stuff that we did not get to do in Singapore. I will leave the details for your imagination.
  26. A year Fudan University makes you understand why the Chinese are so hungry and successful. As a Singaporean, I feel ashamed that we take things for granted , especially our education. When in Fudan, we study in winter without heater and summer without aircon. At that time, they were still using chalk board but the school still produced many outstanding Chinese leaders.
  27. I stayed a year in Kent Ridge Residence. I think I wasted my time there because I was busy with my own things and not very involved with the hall mates. If I have the chance again, I would like truly experienced hall life.
  28. I always think that Intraix has a great tag line. Energy saving starts with better information btw I thought of the line. We want to help people save energy, do something for mother earth yet at the same time not sacrificing the users comfort.
  29. If any of my friends is reading this and thinking of starting up. My advise is to avoid hardware, because it is fucking hard, however when done right the feeling is amazing 😀
  30. 3 years into startup life, I never feel so pumped up. The things that can happen in a week. Today you are near breaking down, tomorrow you have to standing in front of your team giving a motivational talk. It is an awesome experience and I would not be enjoying it enough without my team mates.
  31. I started loving Yoga. In the past, I thought Yoga was for the ladies (I apologised). Yoga is fucking amazing and it is not only for the ladies. Some of the poses are so hard to do unless you have that core strength in you. Can you achieve weight loss with yoga, Yes. Can you get 6 packs, I believe Yes, if you work on the advance pose.
  32. Not sure if I’m growing old, “old”. My body health certainly is very much different as compared to when I’m 18 🙂 so I started to meditate in the morning daily. It helps me think better and better handle my stress.
  33. I also start writing more and being an Evernote ambassador, I created a tool help me use Evernote to manage my Wordpress site.

It was kinda of hard to write out all these 33 items. What do you think? Is the sharing I just did presented the Bryan that you know 😀