Finally, Triumph & Contrast

Finally! I managed to reach Day 20 of #Photo101. This is the last day of the challenge. I’m excited. Excited because I look forward in venturing out and taking more photos, plus it has really been a challenge to keep up with the regular posting. However I do feel that it sort of becomes a habit because now I would go round and if I’m taking a photo, I would be applying what I learn from the challenge.


Day 20 of the challenge shares with us the Triumph. My triumph was fighting inertia to get all these photos up.

I like to share this night shot. It is a gif but made up of multiple burst shots from the iPhone.

I like the orange light that comes from within and the white contrast that is lying by the side.

This is another still shot. Applying the 1/3 rule to have the flat by the side of the photo. Taking the photo at an angle and zooming out to give the photo a wider view 😀