Whale hunting or scale hunting?

We get tons of users who pay us small amounts of money, instead of a few customers who pay tons of money. That’s scale hunting. Granted, we had no idea that this is what we were doing at the time we were building MailChimp. We just thought we were doing things weird and wrong, because everyone else in the world kept asking why we weren’t out there whale hunting like we were supposed to (“when are you guys going to drop that monkey business and grow up?”). With all that conventional wisdom being thrown at us, we were kind of embarrassed how we were running MailChimp.

via Whale hunting or scale hunting?.

Ben Chestnut, CEO of mailchimp shares his thought on having a small group of large paying customers (whale hunting) vs a big of group of small paying customers (scale hunting). A good read if you are in the mist of determining your customer’s base or you are troubled by the “big” customer of yours making problems for you.